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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you design gate automation systems?

Yes, we have comprehensive gate design services including gate automation. From gates that open in difficult spaces or gradients, to full gate automation requirements.


How much does gate automation cost? 

There are large number of factors to take into consideration when selecting the right gate automation solution for you, and these all impact on the final cost. From the weight of the gate, to technical requirements such as locking systems, and remote controls etc.


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Can every type of gate be automated? 

We present a comprehensive range of gate automation solutions and products to suit a wide range of gate types and sizes... Generally, whether it is a swing or slide gate – we can automate it.


How long will it take to automate my gate? 

This depends on variety of factors, such as access to power, and provision of intercom connections. Generally though, gate automation takes a full days work by a trained installation technician.


I cannot afford to automate a new gate, can it be done later? 

Yes, we will make sure it is easy to automate later. But, aluminium gates are so easy to use, you may never want to.


*Note: please keep in mind factors such as laying down concrete on your driveway etc, as this will make life more difficult to automate your gate in the future. In this situation there are some pre-installation options you might like to consider.


Is 'High Speed' Automation the best choice?

'High Speed' Automation is great for high traffic flow areas, and for large gates that would otherwise take a long time to open. But otherwise standard speeds will fit most requirements.


Can I automate gates on timber posts? 

Unless the posts are very big, laminated, or exotic timber, we don’t recommend it. Standard tantalised pine posts move with the weather conditions and the gate can jam or go out of level - creating problems.

Our solution is to always use galvanised steel posts for automatic swing gates (aluminium or steel). Sliding gates are still preferred with steel posts, but are less affected when timber posts are used.


Do you manufacture and install gates for secure areas? 

Yes, we’ve created security gates for the Justice Dept, NZ Police, Embassies, schools, and large security sensitive companies.


Do iron gates and balustrades rust when used outside?

Yes, rust will typically appear within six months when ungalvanized iron is used in exterior applications. Rust will even bleed through a powdercoat finish on ungalvanized iron. The best treatment is to hot dip galvanize all iron work as this provides 25 years of corrosion resistance.


What is hot dip galvanizing? 

This is a process where finished iron is dipped into a molten bath of 400℃ zinc, resulting in excellent rates of adhesion, and a permanent protective coating.


Are gates made from aluminium as strong as those made from iron?

To get the same strength, aluminium gates are built using heavier sections, but are still lighter.


What are the advantages of aluminium over steel? 

Whilst still being a durable material, Aluminium is a very light in weight compared to steel.


Can I hang a steel gate on my 100x100 timber fence posts? 

This is not recommended, as heavy steel gates require heavy duty steel posts. However, aluminium manual gates can usually be installed on timber posts.